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  1. Purchase your ring (select the size you believe will fit your finger), and we'll include a ring sizer with your order.
  2. Once your sizer arrives, identify the size that best suits you (refer to the tips below).
  3. Email info@thejewelrysouce.net with your order confirmation number and your chosen ring size.
  4. Crafting your ring will commence as soon as we receive your email with the specified ring size!

Tips for Determining Your Ideal Size

  • Wear the ring sizer: Experiment with various sizes and wear the sizer for extended periods, even a couple of days, to ensure the right fit and comfort.
  • Consider the time of day: Hands may experience fluctuations in size throughout the day. Try the ring on towards the day's end.
  • Temperature matters: Hand size can be influenced by temperature variations. Find your size when your hands are warm, ideally at room temperature.
  • Test the fit: The ring should slide snugly over the knuckle but sit comfortably on your finger. If it slips loosely over the knuckle, it's too large and may catch on objects or slip off unnoticed. If it feels too tight on your finger, consider ordering a half size larger.
  • Choose the correct hand: Wear the sizer on the hand where you intend to wear your new ring. Hand sizes can differ, and the hand you choose for testing matters.

Understanding Our Sizers

Our ring sizers cover sizes 0-15 in both full and half sizes. Each size includes two rings: a positive and a negative number. The positive number represents the full size, while the negative number signifies the half size. For example: 6 (size 6), -6 (size 6.5).