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Meteorite Rings

If you are looking for something unique or rather out of this world, we have the perfect solution. Here are Meteorite Rings that literally come from another world. With an inlay of meteorite that were hurtled through space eons ago, these are rings that make you one with the universe. Sporting these rings is like sporting eternity on your fingers. How can you not just be intrigued by them but also not be in awe?




Unique rings with a marked individuality

Look at the inlay of these Meteorite Rings & you will notice unique lines of the meteorites that distinguish one ring from another. Now this is what sporting individuality means.

A range that will leave you asking for more

Uniqueness comes in many forms. So do our Meteorite Rings. You could choose the character of the gleam of titanium with the meteorite inlay to have heads turning. Alternatively, if you would rather go in for a black meteorite ring, there’s the choice of Meteorite inlayed in Zirconium.

Engagement Meteorite Rings

An engagement which is a once in a lifetime event, merits a ring that is special. We are not just offering a good looking ring, but one that is timeless….like your love. For all those dainty engagement rings, the Meteorite Inlay comes in a cobalt ring & the glint of precious stone. When you slip it on the finger of the bride to be, you are committing yourself to a lifetime of togetherness.

Quality that is unparalleled

Made from Muonionalusta & Gibeon Meteorites along with high-grade titanium or zirconium, and cobalt. These rings spell high quality.

Sizes & fits

Available in whole, half & quarter size increments these rings fit you like a glove. You can now rest assured that they will rest easy on your finger.

Timely delivery