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Meteorite Rings

Looking for a unique wedding ring or engagement ring that is out of this world? If so, you are at the right place. At The Jewelry Source we have unparalleled quality and selection right at your fingertips. These meteorite rings/inlays passed through space eons ago to find your finger for your upcoming special occasion. There is no better ring to show your unique love and commitment then one of these expertly crafted jewelry pieces. No other two rings match exactly. Wearing one of these meteorite rings is in essence sporting eternity on your finger. These meteorite wedding bands will truly take your breath away when you see them

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Uniqueness With Every Meteorite Ring

Every Meteorite band is unique with no two looking exactly the same. The Widmanstattn lines you see were formed billions of years ago as this particular meteorite traveled across the space to find its place here on earth and now your finger.

Meteorite Ring Metal Options

We offer these amazing meteorite rings in some great metals. Choose your meteorite ring to be made in one of the following: Aerospace Grade Titanium, Black Zirconium, Cobalt Chrome, Damascus Steel, 14k Gold or Platinum.

Engagement Meteorite Rings

These meteorite engagement rings are timeless. Anyone would love to show off one of these breathtaking pieces of art. They are made in Coblat Chrome, with a 14k prong setting and genuine meteorite.

The Best Quality On The Market

These rings are made with Muonionalusta & Gibeon Meteorite by skilled jewelers that understand what needs to go into a timeless piece of jewelry.

Meteorite Ring Sizes

These rings are available in whole, half & quarter size increments. We can go as large or small as you need us to. After all, these rings are made right here in the USA.

Timely Arrival