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Wood Rings

Exotic Wood Rings are one of our favorite sections & offerings here at The Jewelry Source. We can make wood rings with any responsibly sourced woods from around the world. The wood rings shown below include: Bocote, Tulip Wood, Rosewood, Olive Wood, Cocobolo, Blood Wood, Marble Wood and Tamboti. Just to name a few. What makes our wood rings different? Besides being expertly crafted, one of the biggest differences is our custom seal & finish we put on each wood ring. With this supper strong finish your ring will not pit, chip and fade like others on the market.

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We are proud to be known as the quality leader for exotic wood rings. Every finish, edge, arc and bevel are crafted in a very meticulous manner ensuring your ring is perfect for your anniversary, birthday or wedding day.

Wood Ring Widths

There are certain ultra thin widths that do not highlight our woods as well as the wider profiles. For this reason we do not actively promote them. We can however, make anything form a 4mm to a 12mm in width. If you would like something different please chat with us below and we can custom make you a style.

Available Metals

Our wood rings can be made in Titanium, Cobalt, Damascus Steel, Black Zirconium and 14k Gold.

Custom Design A Wood Ring

If you would like to design your own custom style please chat with us below or feel free to give us a call at the phone number above.

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