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American Made Dinosaur Bone Rings

Stunning Dinosaur Bone Rings made with Dinosaur "Gembone" and aerospace grade titanium.  These rings make the perfect wedding band. Each ring is crafted to be comfortable and durable with the inside of the ring featuring our deluxe comfort fit design.    Each and every dinosaur bone ring is made right here in the USA by skilled artisans and jewelers who make consider it a great honor to craft the symbol of your love and commitment.  What a fun twist to the wedding band market.

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Dinosaur Bone:

Petrified Dinosaur Bone or “Gembone" is the result of fossilized bone from dinosaurs in which the cellular structure has been replaced with chalcedony, leaving the bone structure intact. Since the most frequent mineral found in dinosaur gembone is chalcedony, it is referred to as agatized dino (saur) bone even if other materials are present as well. This rare and distinctive material may be sold as rough bone, as partly or completely polished pieces or as jewelry pieces, whether in cabochons or finished items. The resulting stone is a 7 on the Mohs scale. Showing beautiful red coloring and very nice distinctive cell patterns.

Many excellent specimens of dinosaur bone are found in and around the American southwest. Dinosaur bone ranges in color from brown to black with splotches of red, blue and bright yellow. Dark yellow-gold and red colored dinosaur bone is also found but is even more rare. The coloring of the specimen is due to impurities that were in the surrounding sediment.

Metal Type:

Titanium is more scratch resistant than gold, and extremely affordable making them a great alternative to other precious metal rings. Titanium rings and bands are a fantastic answer when you are looking for a jewelry piece that is uniquely you without breaking the bank. This explains why Titanium is rising in popularity every day. When you choose our titanium pieces, you are choosing a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.    Made aerospace grade titanium.