Carved Titanium Rings for Men & Women!

Carved Titanium RingsCombining innovation and art, The Jewelry Source has created some of the most amazing Carved Titanium Rings on the market.  Our Titanium Rings are very durable and lightweight.  We use Aerospace Grade Titanium to make sure you get maximum strength and finish. The titanium grade we prefer to use is 6AL-4V.  It is considered the 24k of titanium alloys.  Our Titanium Bands come with a lifetime warranty and a state-of-the-art comfort fit design. Often you won't even realize you are wearing a Titanium Ring as a result of its light weight and inside comfort fit design.  

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Ring Options
Get ready to make a statement with a uniquely Carved Titanium Ring. We at The Jewelry Source offer you a wide variety of intricately hand and CNC carved Titanium rings. Whether you are looking for a Turkey Track or the exact GPS coordinate of your first date, we can do it for you.  Recently we carved fingerprints on the outside of a pair of titanium bands for a couple getting married.

Quality Titanium Rings
The quality of titanium rings we offer is excellent.  The Jewelry Source has hired skilled jewelers and craftsmen to make sure every detail, edge and finish is perfect.
If you don’t see the ring design carving you are looking for, feel free to call or email us with your image request.   Some of the items we have carved on titanium bands include, Names, Kanji Symbols, Ambigrams, Logos, Tattoos, Photo’s, EKG Heart Beat, GPS Coordinates, Wedding Dates,  Children’s Names, and Fingerprints.  You can easily personalize and create your own unique look with The Jewelry Source.

Diamonds & Gemstones
Don’t forget, if you want to add a diamond or gemstone to your carved titanium rings that can be done also.  Our orders for engagement rings is always on the rise. Carved Titanium Rings are not just for men anymore.

His & Her Titanium Bands
The Jewelry Source is also proud to announce their new offering of his and her titanium bands as well as his and her carved titanium rings. Titanium bands can be made in various widths to accommodate even the most discerning taste.

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