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Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus Steel was first used in the making of swords before the Common Era to make elaborate blades. Today it is still used for knives and some swords but it has grown in popularity for Jewelry. There are no two Damascus Steel Rings that will look exactly the same. Similar yes, but not the same. The rings below are just a few of the patterns that are available in Damascus Steel. TJS Damascus Rings have a beautiful contrasting design and a premium comfort fit. All rings come with a 30 Day satisfaction guarantee

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Every Damascus Steel Ring we make at The Jewelry Source is top notch quality and design. These are rings can be worn as wedding bandsor everyday rings.They are handcrafted by skilled artisans with a particular eye for detail.

Damascus Steel Ring Widths & Shapes

We have a wide range of shapes and widths ranging from 2mm wide all the way up to 12mm wide. The most popular ring shapes are beveled top and a rounded top. The Damascus pattern looks amazing with the ring shapes.

Available Damascus Ring Patterns

Currently the only patterns available are shown in this category. We are in the process of designing new exciting patterns which will be available soon.

Custom Design Your Own Damascus Steel Ring

The Jewelry Source is happy to help design a Damascus Steel ring for you. If you would like this done, please email us and a one of our custom designers will give you a call to help you with the process.

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Warranty & Comfort Fit