Meteorite Engagement Rings

A life event such as an engagement deserves a ring that is truly out of this world. We mean it not just figuratively but also literally. Therefore we bring you our exclusive collection of Meteorite Engagement Rings. Made from Cobalt Chrome& Gibeon and Muonionalusta Meteorites, these rings are the perfect symbol of everlasting love. Sporting this ring literally means sporting eternity on your finger as the meteorites were hurtled through space millions of years ago. The combination of an ancient meteorite and a contemporary ring design is fascinating to say the least.

An exquisite range to choose from

Our range of meteorite engagement rings is elegance personified. Resting on the bride’s finger they add a touch of class and timeless charm. Choose from our heartwarming designs and see sheer appreciation in the bride’s eyes. No better way to establish your good taste! This one time you can really boast of buying a unique ring. Each ring has a different pattern as seen in the unique lines of the meteorite.

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Custom Designed

Give us the size of the bride to be and we will have the ring specially crafted in her size. After all the special moments of life have to be complemented with equally special accompaniments.

Quality has a whole new name

Made from the finest materials, Cobalt Chrome with genuine meteorite inlays and precious stones to match.There’s no matching the charm of these rings.

Fit & Sizes

Engineered in comfort fits to protect your fingers, these rings come in multiple sizes. Available in whole, half and quarter increments, there’s a ring for every finger.

Avail of sale prices on many products

If you are lucky you may find some of these exquisite meteorite engagement rings on sale. They are real value for money, to say the least.

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