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Material Type

Which Material or Metal do you want your jewelry made of?

In this section you can find the jewelry material that meets your needs the best. We have a wide variety of metal options available, each created with precision, style and comfort in mind.

Ring Metal Options

At The Jewelry Source you have a lot of options to choose from in your quest to fine the perfect metal, wood or carbon fiber combination. Some of the options we have available today are: Titanium, Cobalt, Meteorite, Black Zirconium, Damascus Steel, 14k Gold, Carbon Fiber, High Impact Ceramic, Antler, Acrylic. Take a look below and see what you think!

Meteorite Rings Damascus Steel Rings Cobalt Rings Ceramic Rings Carbon Fiber Rings Titanium Rings Wood Rings Antler Rings Gold Rings Black Zirconium Rings

Ring & Jewelry Quality

The Materials Section has a wide variety of different size ranges, MM width options and finishes. All Jewelry Source Rings are made by skilled jewelers who have taken the time to make sure that every edge, finish and curve are crafted to exact specifications. In addition, They ensure your keepsake is perfect.

Jewelry Material Items Currently Available

1. Titanium Rings
2. Cobalt Rings
3. Black Zirconium Rings
4. Carbon Fiber Rings
5. Damascus Steel Rings
6. 14k & 18k Gold Rings
7. Exotic Wood Rings
8. Meteorite Rings
9. Antler Rings

Jewelry Warranty & Ring Comfort Fit

All of The Jewelry Source Rings & Bands come with a deluxe comfort fit design and 30 day money back guarantee. We welcome any questions or comments about this fun category. If you have any ideas you would like us to put on jewelry please send them on over.

Thank you for shopping with us.